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Most of the time when we receive gifts or try to give presents to someone, we hope that we get what we wish for or give the right gift.

Here, I share with you how to find the perfect gifts for everyone. It can be a store bought item, your own creation or a poem.

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Monday, October 1, 2012


All-Star Athlete

Competition is the name, winning is her game.  She will be the first to be selected for the gym class because of her active nature. 

Other girls' rooms will have teen idol pin-ups but this girl's room is filled with medals and trophies plus her pin-ups are of top athletes in her sports of choice. Be it gymnast, swimmers and the like.

Her dream is to go to the Olympics and be a podium winner some day.  That's quite a big dream for a little girl.

Creative Thinker 

Doodling and the art class is the only place she rather be in everyday. 

Her other pursuits are singing in front of the mirror,  acting in school plays and making trinkets such as bracelets and necklaces for her friends.

She loves color and her assemble consist of no less than 2 primary colors.

Sweet Princess

This princess-in-training likes to be treated like royalty and has the tiara to prove it. 

When she's not playing dress-up or amassing her doll collection, she's sneaking into Mom's make-up kit.

Smart Kid

She excels at everything from spelling bee's to times tables. 

She's always buried in a book or building her next science fair project. 

She'd rather spend Saturday's at the museum than in the mall.

Tom Boy

A tomboy by nature or perhaps she has 5 siblings who are boys.

She likes to do all the same stuff as the boys, only better.
She can be daydreaming a lot and her parents have their hands full reigning her in all the time when they visit friends and relatives.

When she's not busy climbing trees, she's jumping on the sofa and screaming at the top of her head for no reason.

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