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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Swarovski Crystals are perfectly shaped and flawless.  Have you ever wondered what it is made of?  And if your answer is 'Natural Crystals' you would be way off.

Some of you may be surprised to know that Swarovski Crystals are man made gems originating from Austria.  

The creator, Daniel Swarovski found a formula that can produce beautiful, high quality lead glass crystals.  Since the 1800's, the Swarovski family has continued manufacturing the most well known crystals in the world.

The word "Swarovski" is pronounced as "Swore-Off-Ski."

Swarvoski Crystal Diamond Shaped Pendant
How is the Swarovski Silver Crystals made?

A skilled craftsman was able to create the Swarovski Silver Crystal by combining natural minerals and quartz sand that gives the facets of the lead glass crystals a silvery shine.

Then the crystals are slowly cooled, helping to avoid stress and imperfections.  The spectral brilliance which is unique to Swarovski Silver Crystals, gives the impression that they are made of real precious metal.

The reasons why Swarovski Crystals are more expensive than glass

  • Method of production and process
  • High quality materials and 
  • Raw resources

Swarovski crystals are well know worldwide for its exceptional brilliance and value.  Due to very high standards in production, materials, cutting and finishing of the product, it has established Swarovski Crystals as a leader among other glass products.

Swarvoski Crystal Eternity Pendant

Swarovski Crystals in Jewelry

The exceptional brilliance and quality of Swarovksi Crystals are the reason why they are extensively used in all aspects of jewelry making.  Jewelers combine precious and semi-precious gems, metal plated, gold or silver with Swarovski Crystals to enhance their designs for women as well as men.  These include pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins, earrings and watches.

Swarvoski Crystal Heart Shaped Pendant
which can also double as a bracelet charm.

Charms are also very popular among the uber fashionable and trendy young adults as they can make their own style statement by creating their own necklaces, bracelets, brooches and even cell phone or bag charms.

How to take care of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry?

Swarovski Crystal jewelry are very similar to fine jewelry.  Therefore, it should be treated with the same care to maintain it's shine and value.

Swarovski Crystal Apple Shaped Pendant

The Do's

Swarvoski Crystal and Dangling Pearl Earrings

  • Always remove Swarovski Crystal jewelry before swimming.
  • Always remove the crystals before applying makeup or lotions to skin.
  • Use a mild soap, water and a soft cloth to clean and polish Swarovski jewelry.
  • Store in its original packing or wrap in tissue paper, soft cloth to prevent the crystals from rubbing or scratching any metal.

The Don'ts

Never expose crystals to:-

  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Perfumes
  • Harsh treatment during work or sports

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  1. Mine was a gift from a dear friend. Been hanging in my cars for years...still love it. Love it's glow and colors when the sunbeam shines on it. Makes my car like a miniature disco!!! Hehehhee..

    1. Yes, Swarovski crystals do make lovely gifts.

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