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Most of the time when we receive gifts or try to give presents to someone, we hope that we get what we wish for or give the right gift.

Here, I share with you how to find the perfect gifts for everyone. It can be a store bought item, your own creation or a poem.

"Have An Awesome Day!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Marilyn Monroe
Cover of Marilyn Monroe
Are u a plus size girl?

Now dun be mad, girl

Just stating a fact, girl

Not that you overeat, girl

Sometimes it could be, girl

A medical condition, girl

Stuck in that position, girls?

Being a woman, girls

Juggling career, family, girls

Going into menopause, girls

Can play havoc, girls

To our weight, girls

Hormones at play, girls

Or lack of it, girls

Drop Dead Diva
Drop Dead Diva (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christina Hendricks from Mad Men

Plus size is in, girls

Throw the diet in the bin, girls

Sexy curves, girls

See Mad Men, girls

See Marilyn Monroe, girls

See Adele, girls

See Drop Dead Diva, girls

See Glee, girls

English: Adele
English: Adele (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Watching diet's a pain, girls

So what if we gain, girls

Nobody, nobody but you, girls

Decides what you, girls

Want to be and do, girls

Key is Attitude, girls

Be cool. Peace out!

English: The title card for the musical comedy...
The title card for the musical comedy series Glee (Fox). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poem Copyright Philo Yan

Have An AweSome Day!

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