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Monday, September 3, 2012


To be a young teen again.  See if these traits remind you of you or  your teenage daughter.

Creative Thinker

Creative girls love the arts or sewing.  You can find her altering a vintage dress or involved in her school drama production.  

She has passion for music and writing her every experience in her girly diary without fail.  For relaxation, she will hang out with her buddies at a coffee shop or park.

Art Relecting Art, Reflecting on Art
Art Relecting Art, Reflecting on Art (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Trendy Nista

Her room is filled with latest fashion magazines.  Her walls are decorated with cut outs of models on fashion runways, her favorite celebrity styles and her own fashion design sketches.  

Fashionista (Photo credit:
At school, she has an ardent following of fans for her taste in  clothing and has an innate style.  If there is a vote for Best Dressed, she will win hands down.

Three Tributes: 10,713 Pages
Three Tributes: 10,713 Pages (Photo credit: Sapphireblue)

High Achiever

Every parent's dream of the ideal daughter, the achiever is always at the top of her class.  She is always seated at the front row in class and the first to put up her hand.  

She is the President of every committee there is.  With every calculated step, she is closer to her goals and a front runner for post in high places.

Miss Geekster

Anime Girl Face Conformity
Anime Girl Face Conformity (Photo credit: timtak)

A huge fan of computer games and PSP,  Miss Geekster is also into Japanese animation and fantasy fiction.  

If she is not at home playing online games, she will be browsing in the comic section of book stores or the video arcades.

English: The PSP Web Browser on a PSP-1000, sh...
The PSP Web Browser on a PSP-1000, showing an article via (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Harper Have a Heart, Save the Seals
Harper Have a Heart, Save the Seals (Photo credit: thivierr)

She loves to help the needy and eagerly volunteers in any charities, or efforts in raising awareness on world issues.  

Being an advocate, she aims to make a difference at home and in her own community, one person at a time.

Star Athlete

She is a go getter when it comes to sports.  A sports scholarship is her ultimate dream and will do anything short of illegal to achieve it.  

English: American Athlete Tracy Mattes with th...
American Athlete Tracy Mattes She is currently Director of Global Programs for the World Olympians Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether she is promoting her team or training vigorously for a competition, this athlete is very serious and focused.

Adventure Gal

Extreme sports activities excites the adverture gal.  Skateboarding, riding on her BMX is how she spends her free time.  

Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears
Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When not jumping over obstacles, she will be at the extreme shops with her friends looking for the latest gear.  Her fearless attitude is what will take her far in life.

Sports Fan

Avid (Photo credit: gavinzac)

Her room and school locker is covered with her favorite sports star.  Don't be fooled.  

This gal is no flossy when it comes to sports trivia or her teams scores, names, you name it, she knows it.  

She will not miss a game for anything in the world.

Next week, find out what are the "Personality Traits of Teen Guys."

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