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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My Childhood(New)

my childhood was the time when i was innocent
when the world seemed to be fair
when my universe was around my toys

my childhood was the time when 9i lived in dreams
when everyone was selfless 
when everyone appeared to be a friend

my childhood was the time when my life was full of colours
when sorrows never knocked my door
when smile was gift presented to everyone 

my childhood was the time when love was pure
when there were no obligations
when tenderness prevailed

my childhood was the time which is long gone
tears flow from my eyes when i go back in my childhood
my childhood will never come back but 
the child in me will never go 
jahanvi .......................


Swinging highs, swinging lows, 
Higher and Higher she goes, 
Going up to meet the sky, 
Like a bird, she will fly, 
Going higher, daredevil try, 
For a moment, for a while, 
Descending, breaking smile.
Caressing winds, her hair blows,
Gentle breeze, rosy cheek glows,
Like the sea that ebbs and flows,
Childhood memory forever knows.

Copyright Philo Yan September 10, 2012

once we were child

Once we were children
everything was supper
We could fly
if we hadn't trusted our mothers

Once there was no difference between boys and girls
Once it wasn't important, having wealth
How many times we fell on the ground? 
We just wanted playing around
We always made a big noise
We didn't have to be poised
When we laughed in each case
But we didn't laugh in someone's face
Everything we had we did share
Which color? we didn't care

Once we were children 
The sky was blue
The world wasn't so wild
That was the issue
When we loved it was real
Of dying, we didn't have any fear
Did we know what discrimination is? 
Did we know how to tease? 
Did we have lust? Could we tell a lie? 
Now we have to tell to our childhood goodbye

Once we were children
The life was so funny
We were just called honey
And our world was summed up to our tiny

Here is a feeling in my gut
That once we were child
How close we were to God
Spite of having no attention to God. 
nader baheri

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