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Most of the time when we receive gifts or try to give presents to someone, we hope that we get what we wish for or give the right gift.

Here, I share with you how to find the perfect gifts for everyone. It can be a store bought item, your own creation or a poem.

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Monday, November 5, 2012


This image (when viewed in full size, 1000 pix...
This image (when viewed in full size, 1000 pixels wide) contains 1 million pixels, each of a different color. The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors. Judd, Deane B. Wyszecki, G√ľnter (1975). Color in Business, Science and Industry . Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics (3rd ed.). New York : Wiley-Interscience. p. 388. ISBN 0471452122. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sometimes after choosing the best possible gift items for a new home, clothing, or even flowers, you may need to consider the color. 

And to know what are the suitable colors to choose, here is a color list which has been studied by scientists to have certain impact on the person's brain.

The response to these colors may differ from one individual to another as it occurs on an emotional and subconscious level.  

The gift suggestions are not part of the study but the bloggers own.  

Here are the specific colors that have different effects on us.

Scientific Color Choice

Black :  Power, self-confidence, strength

Consider black when you shop for electrical items, book shelves, photo frames,  leather journals, jewelry, wallet.

Blue : Reduces blood pressure, Soothing

Consider this color for, throw pillows,  bedding,  baby boy showers gifts, towels, clothing and toiletries for men.

Green : Calming,  helps bring relief to those who suffers from anxiety, depression, nervousness, keeps you relaxed in body and mind.

Choose this color for flowers, indoor plants and fruits.

Violet : generates a peaceful surroundings

This color can be suitable for gifts such as flowers, towels, toiletries for women.

Pink:  Lowers stress levels, relaxes, calms and soothes

There are many shades of pink and the safest bet is to pick pastel pinks for clothing, baby girl showers, girl's dolls, throw pillows, towels for females.

Yellow : Gives out good energy, lifts the mood, cheerful

Similar to pink, yellows can be a dicey choice for gift items.  It may be too bright or too dirty looking. So unless it is fruits and flowers, you should not buy gift items that are in yellow. However, if you know that the person is an avid collector of all things yellow or his favorite color is yellow,  then you can take the plunge.

Orange : energizing and stimulating to the mind

Fruits and flowers again are your best choices for this color.  Rarely would you find orange to be suitable as items of clothing or makeup as it makes your skin look shallow and unhealthy.  Besides, it is also prison wear.

Red : excites by stimulating brain wave activity that increases heart rate, respiration and blood pressure

Frankly this is my favorite color.  
  • Red can make your skin look rosy and bright. 
  • Red is also a hot color for lipsticks and makeup.  
  • Jewelry in red is very trendy too. 
  • It can be a striking scarf or tie but never socks item.  That would be tacky.
  • Red T-Shirts looks great too .
  • and red fruits are high in anti-oxidants.  
  • Red roses are romantic, beautiful and fragrant.  

On your next gift shopping trip,  remember this list and make it easier for you to look for the right choice of colors that are appealing and  fresh  for the intended.

If you have even better suggestion for gift item colors, please drop me a line.

Until my next post, Have An AweSome Day!

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