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Most of the time when we receive gifts or try to give presents to someone, we hope that we get what we wish for or give the right gift.

Here, I share with you how to find the perfect gifts for everyone. It can be a store bought item, your own creation or a poem.

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Monday, August 13, 2012


Do you have trouble finding the right gift for your husband, brother, father-in-law, brother-in-law,  male friends and colleagues,  or your boss? Read more to find out how.

Women and men have certain personalities that are universal.  By tuning in to his likes and interest and knowing what he is passionate about will certainly give you the edge in choosing the perfect gift for him.

For example, he may be 50% artistic, 25% geek and 25% intellectual. Being artistic incline will tell you that he would really love a gift of art, paint brushes, beautifully designed frames or a complete set of water colors.

Here are a list of personality traits that will give you an insight what makes a man tick.

An Activist

You will find him very involved with community service, volunteer work or picketing for a cause he strongly believes in that,  if it was a full-time job, he would be appointed a CEO.  

Civil Rights Activists Photo credit:Wikipedia

He is always discussing with his buddies on new ways to make the world a better place.

The Thinker, Rodin.jpg
"The Thinker" Photo credit:Wikipedia

Creative Thinker

He loves movies and he even makes his own home movies.

He has a very active YouTube account with more than 100 video clips he made.  

He can be found meticulously cataloging and organizing his music, video editing and photo collections during his free time on weekends. 

He is always creating new ways to take a shot or writing scripts for his next video.

Super Dad

Super Dad Uniform On!
Super Dad Uniform On! (Photo credit: DavePeckens)

This dad is never off-duty.  He will be ferrying the kids to and from  school, attend every game his kids play in on sports day, is the president of the parents/teacher association, organizing activities, piano lessons or take up coach duties for the mini league baseball team. 

If he is not barbecuing in the backyard, he would be fixing the roof or laying a new hot water pipeline for the kitchen or cutting grass with his brand new lawnmover.

His idea of relaxation is lounging in his favorite chair or garden hammock with a glass of ice tea.


Hammer Man
He is Mr. Fix-it and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.  

This guy will happily find jobs to do around the house from cleaning the water tank to fixing the roof. 

His favorite accessory is his tool belt.  His garage houses all his equipment and tools which are lovingly labeled, and hung in a neat row. Not only that, are all color coded.

Fitness Addict Photo credit:Wikipedia

Fitness & Health Addict

He has a lifetime gym membership and a full gym set in his den. 

His refrigerator is crammed with energy bars, health drinks and organic fruits.  

He is very active indoor and out.

His style is casual and sporty.


Gadgetman Photo Credit:Wikipedia

He owns from the first generation to the very latest gadgets invented by man and he knows how to dismantle a gadget, reassemble it, while blindfolded.  

He is the consummate geek and keeps his prized possession neatly in a glass display cupboard. Some gadgets are still in their original wrapper. 

His idea of fun is to play online role-play games, build his own computer or catch up on the latest sci-fi series.

He is always first in line to book tickets to attend the next year's gadget convention.

Macho Guy

Super Macho Man
Super Macho Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
He may look like an adult, but in many ways still a teenager at heart.  

His favorite pastimes are not in any particular order:

Watching sports especially contact sports like rugby and boxing.

Playing video games.

Firing up the grill for a BBQ get together.

Beer session with the guys after the games.

Hipster man

Hippy Hipster

You can find him at a local WiFi spot working on his latest 

freelance gig or he could be practicing with his indie band. 

He could also be busy creating his next mash-up DJ set.

He spends his spare time at vintage stores, art galleries and Indie film fest.

His sense of style is quirky and unique.

Host Master

English: The chef hat has been taken from the ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He loves to cook, man the grill like a celebrity chef or experiment with gourmet recipes at his fully equipped custom made kitchen.

He can whip up a ten dish course under one hour without breaking a sweat.

Duck Fillet - Annie Smithers Bistrot
Duck Fillet -  (Photo credit: avlxyz)
He always find reasons to celebrate and you definitely want to be on his invite list.


He will be buried in a 500 page book about Quantum Physics or knee deep in research. 

You will find him playing online chess and discussing current events with friends.

His favorite TV show is the latest PBS mini series.

Mr. Metro Man

He has the X-Factor and is not afraid to show it. 

His taste for the finer things in life and immaculate grooming plus a sharp sense of style makes him stand head and shoulders above any crowd.  

With an innate sense of style and flair, his home looks like a page cut out from an Interior Home Design magazine.

Adventurer / Thrillseeker

Adverturer/Thrillseeker Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Waking up in a tent, hammock, a forest, or mountain top is this man's ultimate dream.  

He  never leaves home without his GPS, passport, and swiss army knife.  

When he is not snow boarding, paragliding, or trekking through the Amazon jungle, this adrenalin junkie is tuning up his mountain bike. 


The Professional

He is the man in the board room. When he speaks, everyone listens.   Gordon Gekko, move over.

This man has only one mission.  To be No. One. 

He plays even harder, but when it comes to business, nothing else matters.  

His idea of relaxation is The Wall Street Journal, a cuban cigar and an aged whiskey.

Zen Man

Zen Man Photo Credit:

He is knowledgeable in all things spiritual.  

He finds his center with the help of yoga,  meditation sessions, Tibetan chants and mantras.  

His body is his temple and so is his home where he fills it with inspirational art and spiritual guide books.

He is a vegetarian and his style is free, loose and cotton.

Sports Junkie

Manchester United, Football Club, Manchester United, MUFCRoyal Rumble (I am the one), SPORTS, WRESTLING, WWEFlaming Baseball, ball, Baseball, fire, Flaming, Flaming Baseball
All three Photos credit:

He is the first in line to buy NFL, WWE or Yankees tickets.  

His wardrobe and home decor are strictly the colors of his team.  

Burgers, hotdogs, grilled steaks washed down with chilled beer is his ideal meal.

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